CELECT IDentity Suite

Your IDentity, Our Systems

An identity-management system refers to an information system and to a set of technologies that can be used for enterprise or cross-network identity management.

There are different ways how Identities are managed across organisations and CELECT presents a complete Identity Management Suite for use with multiple Identification Technologies. Our Identity Mangement systems are capable of working with various digital identities across multiple organisation verticals.

In addition, the robust, software architecture provides a rich application platform that addresses the needs of today’s deployments and ensures that future features and capabilities can be added as technology evolves in the future.

How does IDentity Management help:

IDentity Management:

IDentity Management refers to the process of issuance and authorization of IDentity credentials to an Individual. The issued credentials should be such that they are easily available and process to authenticate them is simpler.

Attendance Management:

One of the by products of giving secure identities to people in common industrial areas is an ability to manage the attendance of the employees through those credentials. These can be based on smart cards or biometrics. read more

Access Management:

This refers to authorization or restriction of access to certain information like a secret document or to a certain place like a server room. Physical and logical access control forms a critical part of the current work scenario where it is important to manage the assets of the organisation. These assets can be a physical thing or a system application.

Workflow Automation:

Use of secure IDentity methods can also help to ease the workflow and create automated methods for secure and faster information flow.

Cashless Transactions:

Using secure IDentity technologies can also be used for cashless transactions within a campus or a corporate office. Cashless transactions are possible using our e-purse solution which is also ideal for Canteen Management.

Digital IDentity Management Ways:

Smart Cards

CELECT provides Identity Management systems using smart cards and allied hardware equipments like card printers and identification readers.


Manage the Identities using Fingerprints. We provide mobile, desktop and wall mounted Identification systems for biometrics.

Facial Systems

Give your members digital identities with the most secure and contactless Identification method of Facial Recognition.