Biometric Weapons Management and Tracking Systems

Software and hardware systems for verification, authentication and issuance of weapons

CELECT Weapons Management systems provide a Biometrics based automatic weapons issue and return process optimization. Through the use of hardware and software systems the user can make faster and more reliable circulations because of the use of biometric scanner. This enhance the security and reduce the chance of errors.

Why is a Biometric Weapons Management System required?

Usually weapons issuance is a manual process prone to errors.

Current Identity is based on regular and physical ID cards making it prone to abuse.

Stock taking and inventory management is manual and cumbersome.

Features of Biometric Weapons Management Systems:

System allows the weapon issuance only to authorized users and that also only after proper authentication process through the fingerprint scanner. A similar process is used at the time of returning of the weapons so as to validate the complete process.

Faster and secure circulations

Use of automated identification technologies helps in faster processing of issuance and return of the weapons as compared traditional paper based system in which multiple forms are to be filled.

Greater security and authentication methods

This system uses a combination of various identification techniques like smart cards, biometrics and facial recognition system to ensure secure authentication of the user.

Faster stock and inventory management

Use of barcodes and RFID tags on the weapons helps in faster identification and processing of the items thereby improving the efficiency of stock and inventory management.

Complete control and reporting MIS

The system provides complete control about who has access to what and provides regular alerts and updates about the system and exceptions if any.


Related hardware for Biometric Weapons Management Systems:

Smart cards

Secure smart cards with high level of encryptions.

Biometric Scanners

Single finger or multiple finger based biometric scanners.

Barcode and RFID

Barcode labels and RFID tags for weapons identity.