Biometric - RFID based Inmate Tracking & Management Systems

Software and hardware systems for verification, authentication and tracking of inmates across various processes including jail intake & release identification and verification

CELECT Inmate Tracking and Management systems are designed to provide multiple levels of Identification and Verifications functionalities in various processes within and outside jail to provide real time tracing of the inmates and ownership control.

The idea is to eliminate manual or paper driven logs and automate the system using latest technological advancements. The system shall ensure real time visibility about the movement of the inmates either single or in a group for courts visits, hospital visits, paroles or any other authorised visits. Use of hardware and software systems ensures improved and faster communications, accelerates data collection and reporting and process optimisations at multiple levels.

Features of Automated Inmate Tracking & Management Systems:

Accurate tracing

Which inmate left and when? Where did they go? When did they return? Who was the accompanying officer? The system is able to provide answers to these questions through click of a button.

Power of Hardware

This system uses a combination of various identification techniques like smart cards, biometrics and facial recognition system to ensure faster authentication of the inmates and thus ensures that data is captured faster saving time and improving efficiency.

Maximum compliance

The system provides accurate and real time information ensuring maximum compliances and authentications.

Complete control and reporting MIS

The system provides complete control about who has access to what and provides regular alerts and updates about the system and exceptions if any.


Related hardware for Biometric - RFID based Inmate Tracking Systems:

Smart cards

Secure smart cards with high level of encryptions.

Biometric Scanners

Single finger or multiple finger based biometric scanners.

Facial Recognition

Mobile or stationary facial recognition systems.