Border Control Systems

Passport Scanners, Biometric Scanners, Software applications

CELECT biometric software solutions are used toward several different aspects of visitor screening and border management. CELECT solutions perform biometric search against watch lists upon a visitor’s visa application, and biometric verification upon their arrival at the border. It is also used to personalize and read travel documents such as e-passports.

In a typical Border control system CELECT solutions are used to:

Automate collection, formatting and validation of high-quality fingerprints, facial biometrics, and biographic data according to global standards.

Perform biometric searches upon passport/visa application and border crossing.

Implement centralized workflows for data sharing between disparate systems.

And provide custom reports on metrics such as biometric image quality and transaction throughput, useful for system diagnostics and monitoring.

Features of CELECT Border Control Systems:

Power of Hardware:

Roboust hardware systems provide ease of use and unmatched technical edge for ready integrations for faster turnaround time.

Customizables Workflow:

Use of advanced technologies for customization of the system software ensures that the deployments are done in a breeze with minimal fresh efforts.

Global Standards:

Being created to use international standards for secure documents and biometrics provides a definitive leverage for multiple data and compliance requirements.


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