Biometric based Examination Verification & Authentication Systems

Software and hardware systems for verification, authentication and tracking of candidates across various processes including written exams, group discussion & personal interviews.

Why Examination Verification & Attendance Authentication?

In today's world forging identities is not difficult. All it takes is some digital skills and identities can be forged. There have been instances in the recent past when identities have been forged during the examination process and undue benefits taken by certain individuals. Faking of Identities can be done at any stage in the examination process. It can be during the Entrance examination form filling, actual entrance examination, group discussions, physical examinations, interviews. Once selected the candidate can again indulge in forging of Identities during internal examinations.


Boards, Universities, Professional examination bodies are using various innovative methods to curb the practice and have managed to get some success. But the process is still not fool proof and is subjected to regular abuse. CELECT has come up with a unique solution to the above problem statement.

CELECT Examination verification and attendance solutions are designed to provide multiple levels of Identification and Verifications functionalities in various processes within and outside campuses to provide real time verification of candidates appearing for various phases of an examination.

The system eliminates manual or paper driven processes and automates the system using latest technological advancements. The system shall ensure real time visibility & authentication of candidates either online of offline. Use of hardware and software systems ensures improved and faster business intelligence, accelerates data collection and reporting and process optimisations at multiple levels.

Features of Examination Verification & Attendance Authentication Systems:

Accurate Identity

Candidates are enrolled at the time of form fillings and the same identity is used to verify the person at various stages in the examination & induction processes.

Online and Offline Verification

This system uses a combination of online and offline verification mechanism to provide the Identity validation even though the system is not connected to the main system in real time.

Maximum compliance

The system provides accurate and real time information ensuring maximum compliances and authentications. All the system processes are logged to provide complete traceability.

Power of Hardware

Using our years of experience in biometric authentication systems, we have integrated various types of Identity and Verification hardwares into the software system, giving it unique advantage in user adoption.


Related hardware for Examination Verification & Attendance Authentication Systems:

Smart cards

Secure smart cards with high level of encryptions.

Biometric Scanners

Single finger or multiple finger based biometric scanners.

Facial Recognition

Mobile or stationary facial recognition systems.