Perfect partner for library collection security needs...

Protect and secure your library materials using state-of-the-art RFID security gates.

bibliotheca RFID security gate provides superior detection using the latest 3D detection technology. It has a clear attractive glass like design. That said it can blend into any library environment. Using intelligent DSP system the bibliotheca RFID gate reduces unwanted alarms by detecting RFID tags in any orientation. For a positive detection audible and/or visual warning are provided immediately.

Brief features:

  • Flexible configuration and installation options.
  • Selectable alarm color and pattern.
  • Integrated, visible people counter, also available over network.
  • Superior detection of items.
  • Reduce unwanted alarms.
  • Remote configuration & reports.
  • Save energy during off-peak times.

Dual Aisle RFID Security Gate

at Indian Institute of technology (IIT), Delhi

bibliotheca RFID Security Gate models...


bibliotheca RFID gate™

With a modern and attractive clear panel design, the bibliotheca RFID gate™ not only offers superior detection but perfectly integrates with any library environment. The RFID gate reduces accidental or deliberate removal of library items by detecting RFID tags in any orientation. Upon detection, a configurable alert provides an immediate audible and/or visual warning.

- Basic aisle size supported.
- Integrated bi-directional people counter.
- Enhanced reporting with gate software


bibliotheca RFID gate™ premium

Offering the most accommodating aisle entrance for libraries, the RFID gate premium is perfect for wheelchairs, wide strollers, and large groups of students. With a modern and stylish clear panel design, the bibliotheca RFID gate™ premium effectively deters theft of valuable library materials while elegantly enhancing the library aesthetic.

- Extended aisle size supported.
- Integrated bi-directional people counter.
- Enhanced reporting with gate software

Single Aisle RFID Security Gate

at Manipal Academy of Higher Studies (MAHE)

Benefits of bibliotheca RFID Security Gate:

Outstanding performance to protect your collection:

Provides breakthrough performance in read range and speed. Non-deactivated RFID tags are instantaneously detected regardless of orientation.

Analyze library traffic patterns with visible patron counter:

Each gate has an integrated bi-directional people counter that helps staff easily view and analyze both inbound and outbound library traffic patterns.

Remotely configure and pull management reports:

For in-depth statistics, configurations, and central management options, staff can access libraryConnect™ remotely, as long as they have access to the library network. This allows staff to remotely upgrade firmware, run monthly reports and change the alarm colors and patterns.

Choose an alarm color and alarm that fits your library:

Immediate and obvious warning signal immerses the entire gate, drawing staff attention quickly. With 7 colors to choose from combined with an adjustable audible alarm, libraries can choose the perfect alarm for their environments.

Combine multiple gates for wider entrances:

The standard setup is a combination of two gates. Three or more gates in a row can be installed to cover wider areas effectively.

Save energy during off-peak times:

Designed with energy saving features in mind, the power save mode only activates RFID detection when people are approaching. This “green” feature saves the library energy costs during off-peak times.

Simple to set-up and maintenance:

We've designed our gates for simple set-up and maintenance so our trained technicians can cause little disruption to your library. This also allows your staff to quickly troubleshoot any concerns with our dedicated phone support teams.