Library Book Drop Systems

Automated Kiosks to return books to the library anytime and anywhere

Give your Patrons the power to return the books: Anytime, Anywhere

CELECT provides book drop systems for library automation which can ease the transactional burden on the circulation desks. At the same time it also saves time for the Patrons who just need to return a particular item. They don't need to stand in the long queues at the circulation desks just to return the item. Further they can also return the items as per their ease. Means even when the circulation counter is closed, the items can be returned from the Book Drop system. Also they get intimations through an email / text message or a printed slip that the item has been returned properly.

The system can directly be integrated with existing library automation system using SIP2 interface.

bibliotheca flex book drop range
bibliotheca flex AMH™ return + sorting solutions
bibliotheca flexBin™­­
bibliotheca remoteLocker™

bibliotheca flex book drop range

Get the books on the shelf faster than ever before using automated return & sorting systems from the library automation industry leader: bibliotheca

Use of book drop systems ensures that books can be returned anytime of the day. Book can be returned from out of the library or from the hostel location. The library can even place the book drops at various strategic locations in the campus so that the patrons get the flexibility of returning the books as per the ease.

So how do bibliotheca flex book drop options help?:

  • User can return the books from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Books returned when passed through sorting systems can be sent back to the shelves faster.
  • Patrons get instant notifications through EMail / SMS whenever they return the books through book drop systems even when the library is closed.
  • Use of smart return bins ensures there is no damage to the books when they are returned using book drop systems.

bibliotheca flex AMH™ return + sorting solutions

Not only anytime book returns but also automated sorting of books.

bibliotheca flex AMH™ return + sorting solutions are designed to help the library manage dual tasks using same technology. Not only is it ideal for library patrons but it saves a lot of time of library staff, because the books come pre-sorted to them. They just need to be stacked back.
  • Needless to say book drop and sorting stations have direct communication with ILS/ LMS.
  • Customer gets instant notification that the book is received back by the library and the library gets the books sorted.
  • Flexibility and customization are part of the system design.
  • The system can even be designed to move the books across multiple floors.
  • Returning options can be smart return bins or stacking carts.
  • Add & grow system ensures that you can add any number of bins to the system anytime during a scaleup.
  • Integration with majority of ILS/LMS.


Spring based returning options for book safety & material handling

  • Great modular design ensures they occupy minimal space and are capable to handle more books.
  • Superior material used for springs and wheels ensures long lasting systems.


Ideal product to extend the coverage and accessibility of the library

  • Library patrons can register for their interest of a book and they also get the flexibility to pick the books at the placed of their convenience.
  • Not only that, they can also return the books as per their convenience through bibliotheca remoteLocker™.