Multiple options as per library needs...

The bibliotheca RFID staff workstation is ideal for daily usage within the library.

There are multiple models supported as per the requirement of the library. These can be used for initial tag programming, re-programming and circulation processes. All the workstations work with bibliotheca tag data manager. Using a barcode scanner with bibliotheca RFID staff workstations can make your tag programming faster. The systems are fully compatible with existing circulation desk computers, scanners and printers. All of our models come with tagging and circulation software for faster integrations.

Brief features:

  • Process single or multiple items in one go.
  • Direct communication with ILS/ LMS.
  • Tag data manager.
  • Easy-to-use interface & space saving ergonomics.
  • Visual indication if system is down.

System Components:

  • RFID Tracking Pad antenna.
  • RFID Reader.
  • USB cable – connects the RFID reader to a computer.
  • Power cable.
  • Sample Tags.

bibliotheca RFID Library staff workstations models...


bibliotheca RFID Staff Workstation

- RFID reader with external bigger antenna

- Connected to PC through USB and separate power source

- Can be used for both tag programming & circulation process


bibliotheca RFID Staff Workstation shielded

- Integrated unit with bigger internal antenna

- Connected to PC through USB and separate power source

- Ideal for smaller spaces for circulation system


bibliotheca RFID Staff Workstation USB

- Smallest form factor for a RFID staff workstation

- Works directly through USB, no external power source required

- Ideal for initial tag programming process for faster throughput