Library OPAC Kiosks and Panels

Augment your Library with Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Kiosks & Panels

We provide kiosks & panels for library OPAC, information systems and fine payments terminals.

Libraries can use the power of touch screen kiosks for various activities including information dissemination. CELECT provides library touch screen kiosks which can act as information providers for books using an OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue.

Not only the OPAC, these kiosks can also be used for digital signage systems, so that library can pass on information related to events, news etc digitally and that too from a centralised system, without going to every kiosk.

Basic features of Library OPAC System:

  • Custom vandal proof touch screen.
  • Metal / Wooden firm kiosk body.
  • Color combination to match the library decor.
  • Optional metallic mouse and keyboard.

OPAC Systems is a dedicated hardware for the library patrons to access the library information.

It usually has information about location and availability of the books, so that library patron doesn't need to follow with the library staff. Further it is a perfect mode for information dissemination.

OPAC - Open Public Access Catalogue

at Ashoka University, Sonipat

CELECT Library OPAC system variants...


Full Kiosk

- Touch screen full body kiosks

- Available in 19" to 32" screen options

- Customized hardware options

- Available in Windows PC option



- Touch screen Panel mounts

- Available in 8" to 19" screen options

- Wall mounted or table mounted

- Available in windows PC, android, iOS options