Token Dispensing Kiosks and Panels

Touchscreen and vandalproof kiosks and panels for transactional activities...

CELECT provides kiosks and panels for token dispensing and transactions management. These system are powered by the latest hardware and software systems for smoother functioning.

These information systems are mostly interactive either though the touch screen interface or through automatic information or data processing systems like scanner or smart card readers. They shall provide certain information mostly through a paper token or an notification generated through EMail / SMS. These system are mostly operated using an on-screen menu. It is ideal to use a touch screen monitors in this case as it is faster and more intuitive. If no user input is required, then a non touch based system can also be used.

Token dispensing kiosks and panels have replaced the older manual systems of token dispensing which used to be managed by the staff. This has ensured that the user is not dependent on anyone and more or less the kiosk is self sufficient to manage all the user requirements. Use of these systems also ensures faster information flow and digital MIS at the click of a button.

From design and engineering to fabrication, assembly, and installation, CELECT offers complete turn-key kiosk solutions to suit almost any business need.

Basic features of token dispensing systems:

  • Custom vandal proof touch screen.
  • Metal / Wooden firm kiosk body.
  • Fast slip printer.
  • Automated emails / sms notifications.
  • Color combination to match the decor.
  • Optional metallic mouse and keyboard.

CELECT Token Dispensing System variants...


Full Kiosk

- Touch screen full body kiosks

- Available in 19" to 32" screen options

- Customized hardware options

- Available in Windows PC option

- Fast slip printer



- Touch screen Panel mounts

- Available in 8" to 19" screen options

- Wall mounted or table mounted

- Available in windows PC, android, iOS options

- Fast slip printer

CELECT Token Dispensing System Software...

CELECT provides dedicated software systems to be used with Token Dispensing Kiosks and Panels.

CELECT software system for digital kiosks for both touch and non-touch screens is an easy to configure system which can be managed from a centralised location. All of CELECT kiosks and Panels also support DECK - Digital Signage System for powerful and flexible information flow to the patrons. The software systems range from VIZSENSE - Visitors Management System, SUITS - Meeting Rooms Managers, QSENSE - Queue Management Systems, Attendance entry systems and Canteen Management Systems. CELECT also provides customized software development as per the needs of the organisation.

Brief features of CELECT Software systems...

Easy to manage

These softwares are easy to manage & configure from web, mobile or tablet. All because of a browser based interface which can be accessed from anywhere.

Centralised Dashboard

Manage the work load using a centralised Dashboard and take informed decisions. The system managers can manage multiple kiosks and locations at once.

Real time Visibility

These systems are configured and managed in real time and the changes also reflect on the kiosks in real time without the need to restart the systems.


The system can be configured for single kiosk system or multiple kiosks. System supports one or multiple branches and locations.