Your Identity - Our Solution

Whichever way you wish to manage your Identity; we have a solution for you.

Whether you need to identity a person or an Asset; we have a solution for you. Our solutions are diverse for all the types of identity management technologies: Barcodes, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Facial Recognition etc.

  • We have experience in diverse RFID application and solutions.
  • We provide complex biometric systems involving Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).
  • We design and customize the hardware specifications as per the requirement of the solution.
  • Our solutions are modular for faster deployments.

Our Brands

The Solutions We Offer

Office Productivity Solutions

Be it the basic Identity Management System using smart cards or biometrics or complex facial recognition systems, we've a solution for your company. The solutions include the Cloud based Attendance Management systems with dynamic integration with various ERP systems. We also provide QSENSE Queue Management system and VIZSENSE Visitors Management system to boost your office productivity. Check out our CELECT Digital Connect , our Digital Signage solution for seamless information flow across your offices. Our Meeting room manager systems with the hardware peripherals helps to increase the utilization of the meeting rooms across multiple locations.

Law & Governance

Using our years of expertise in auto identification systems, we have created solution for easy data capture and authentication of identities. Our Border Control software helps to automate the identity verification process for immigrations systems. Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems help in secure identity and authentication for solutions like driving license. Using Passport Scanner we have created applications for automated data capture and population of that data directly from passport scanners to various e-governance applications. Our biometric solutions are first choices for systems like Inmate tracking & Weapons management. CELECT also provides customized biometric kits for various applications as per the user requirement.

Smart Campuses

Education campuses need Smart Identity methods to identity and authenticate its students. CELECT helps education campuses use the power of Smart Cards, Biometrics and facial recognition system to enhance security and propel digital identification methods. CELECT further provides solutions for classroom attendance and examination authentication for process automation and verification purposes. Our Office Productivity solutions like VIZSENSE Visitors Management system and QSENSE Queue Management system can be used in multiple areas of educational campuses.

Library Automation

Libraries usage has changed over a period of time and so must the libraries themselves. CELECT supports library automation systems through a dedicated portal at Apart from the KOHA LMS system , we also provide Digital Repository system. Not only have we developed solutions for automation through RFID system and security through Tattle Tape System, we also provide hybrid systems for the best of automation and security. Library also needs other systems like patron identification, footfall counting system and Kiosks which are duly supported by CELECT under LIBCON portfolio.

Tolling Systems

Best of Honeywell electronic toll collection reader and 3M Compact RFID UHF Reader for tolling and parking systems help us in developing solutions for vehicle identification and tolling systems. Using 3M Windshield Tags we are able to create FASTags for various Banks across India, which are eventually supplied to end customers for tolling compliances. We also provide mobile reader and antennas for faster deployment of tolling systems.

Tracking & Management

CELECT has developed systems for identification & management of Assets (IT and Non IT Assets) for inventory control and preferred deployment. We provide solutions to monitor movement of files across various locations. Our Supply chain and Work in progress systems integrated with RFID / Barcode systems are ideal to manage the complex work environments with ease.